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Carrington is a suburb located in the Hunter Region of New South Wales, Australia. It falls under the local government area of the City of Newcastle and is situated approximately three kilometers southwest of the Newcastle central business district. The postcode for Carrington is 2294. Carrington was established in the late 19th century and has a rich industrial history. It was originally developed as a residential and industrial area to support the nearby port and shipping activities of Newcastle. Historically, Carrington was a significant hub for the coal industry, with several coal-loading facilities and associated infrastructure. However, over time, the industrial landscape has transformed, and the suburb has transitioned into a predominantly residential area with some commercial and light industrial activities.

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$580 per week

Median Rental Return of Units & Apartments

$630 per week

Is Carrington NSW a good suburb?

Carrington is known for its unique character and charming waterfront location. It offers a mix of housing options, including historic worker’s cottages, modern townhouses, and some apartment complexes. Many of the properties in Carrington boast views of the Newcastle Harbour and the iconic Newcastle skyline. The suburb features a vibrant café and dining scene, with popular establishments along the main thoroughfare of Young Street. Residents and visitors can enjoy waterfront walks, parks, and bike paths that provide recreational opportunities and scenic views. Carrington is well-connected to other parts of Newcastle. It has bus services that link it to the Newcastle CBD and surrounding suburbs. Additionally, it is in close proximity to other popular areas such as Newcastle East, Wickham, and Mayfield, which offer additional amenities and entertainment options. Overall, Carrington is a charming suburb with a blend of residential, commercial, and industrial elements. Its rich history, waterfront location, and proximity to the Newcastle CBD make it an appealing place to live for those seeking a unique and convenient lifestyle within the Newcastle region of New South Wales.

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Carrington has school within its boundaries. Carrington Public School is a state-run primary school.

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We have a number of properties available for rent in the Carrington area or surrounding suburbs. 

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Carrington is located within the local government area (LGA) of the City of Newcastle in New South Wales, Australia.

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