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If you like living in a city with access to major retailers and public transport, then East Maitland is the place to be.

If you like living in a city with access to major retailers and public transport, then East Maitland is the place to be.

Situated about 30 kilometres north-west of Newcastle, East Maitland offers all the essentials for a quiet lifestyle. The large property sizes and easy access to Newcastle along the New England Highway or by train make East Maitland an attractive location for those needing an easy commute to Newcastle.

Development in East Maitland started in 1833, ten years after West Maitland. Learning from the issues of the west, the east was deliberately designed with plenty of space for public services and housing.

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Just north of Green Hills, along the High Street, is a collection of smaller shops and cafés offering a quieter shopping and dining experience. You can also hop on a train at Victoria Street Station and take the Hunter Line east into Newcastle, or west to Scone.

East Maitland has two primary schools, East Maitland Public and St Joseph’s Primary. It is also home to two high schools, Maitland High and Grossmann High. Maitland High was once a boy’s school while Grossman was only for girls, although nowadays they are both co-ed schools.

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East Maitland is also the location of former maximum security prison, Maitland Gaol. Although not in use anymore, the gaol is a popular tourist attraction and magnet for ghost hunters. The gaol was opened in 1843 and has a grisly history of capital punishment and prison riots; however, it was closed in 1998. It is one of the 28 historical buildings featured in the East Maitland Heritage Walk.

Property-wise, East Maitland has everything from large family homes to studio apartments, while parts of the area offer newer developments for a modern lifestyle.

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Source - Figures relate to the 2016 Census (Code SSC11360) and the Australian Bureau of Statistics: Maitland - East Statistical Area 2

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