Leah Jay

leah jay

Leah went against the grain to imagine a service dedicated entirely to property management. Starting out as a sole trader, she has lead the way with integrity and courage to create a business that has succeeded against the odds.

Cassandra Lantry


Cassandra drives the business
forward and makes key
strategic decisions for the
future. Cultivating a supportive
culture and leading with grace,
Cassandra inspires the Leah Jay
teams to strive for more.
2010 FINALIST Corporate Support
Master of Business
Licensed Real Estate Agent

Lesley Rattenbury

Lesley Rattenbury

Property has been the abiding focus of Lesley Rattenbury’s career. With a vast background across the industry, she has a deep understanding of all things property. Lesley leads our team through operational change, with collaboration, transparent communication and drives the development and implementation of integrated systems.  

Pippa Rowntree


A driven and caring professional, Pippa has a varied background in many different industries. As one of the first women at sea with the Royal Navy, she dedicates herself to achieving the best outcome in all circumstances. As the leader of the Investment Services team, Pippa adds further value for Leah Jay clients by providing…Read More→

Janelle Bronca


Janelle’s focus is on improving customer experiences through the development of customer-centric work practices. Thriving on providing the guidance needed to help her team perform at their optimum capacities. When help is needed, Janelle can be relied on to find a solution.

Madeline Freemantle


Madeline is committed to delivering her clients’ great experiences and starting off the relationship in the best possible way. Her unique and charismatic method has fitted well with Leah Jay’s client-centred approach and seen her achieve outstanding results for the owners she works with.

Michelle McLean


Michelle has a unique role at Leah Jay. With over 24 years experience in the industry she is responsible for ensuring our day to day practices remain at the forefront, whilst also leading a small team. Her dedication to property management has seen her selected as Chair of the Property Management Chapter for the Real…Read More→

Keira Masling


Keira takes pride in being “a country girl at heart”, who was relatively shy when she came from the Central West to join the East Maitland office back in 2011. It’s hard to imagine now, as a Senior Property Manager, she mentors and develops up and coming property managers. It is a role Keira relishes…Read More→

Gerard Haines


Gerard possesses a broad knowledge across the property industry which has attributed to the growth of his portfolio. Always happy to guide and assist his colleagues, Gerard thrives in the fast-paced property management world.

Holly Ekert


Holly was the youngest Senior Property Manager in Leah Jay’s history. As a modern leader and a key driver of the innovative developments within the business, Holly has recently joined our Investment Services team as Business Development Manager.