Alyson Noyes


Alyson has an entrepreneurial spirit with a passion for Property Management. Her dedication to providing the best service has driven her to always seek growth and improvement for her team and the wider Leah Jay business. Alyson prides herself on delivering all the facts and information that allows her clients to make informed decisions regarding…Read More→

Bernadette Clayton


Bernadette prides herself on applying the core Leah Jay values in her day-to-day experiences, ensuring she goes above and beyond for her clients. Building strong rapport and fostering healthy and mutually respectful relationships is something she strives for in her role as Property Manager.

Taryn Robertson


Taryn prides herself on her professionalism and dedication to go above and beyond for all her clients. She is approachable and understanding, ensuring she delivers her service with a smile.  At Leah Jay, Taryn feels driven to reach her professional and personal goals, consistently striving to go further in her career.

Amelia Murray


Amelia strives to provide quality customer service and build long-term relationships with all her clients. She finds great satisfaction in assisting others in finding their dream home and, feels Leah Jay has given her the support and training she needed to flourish into a confident Property Manager.

Denell McMaster


With experience in areas such as programme management, capacity building and training throughout Australia, the Middle East and Singapore, Denell has a truly diverse and unique skill-set. She also has a genuine passion for people and the protection, preservation and promotion of safe and secure environments. At Leah Jay, Denell has opportunities to further engage…Read More→

Kayla Lansley


Kayla is diligently focused on finding new ways to help clients and believes “being kind and genuine to all is the best way to make an impact in the world and people’s lives.” She loves her role as Property Manager, as it has taught her how to grow and adapt alongside her team, plus build…Read More→

Carol Wallace


Having been a Registered Nurse, Business Manager, and Project Manager previously, Carol brings a wealth of outside knowledge to the Commercial team. She loves embracing challenges and is a compassionate and respectful communicator.  Carol enjoys working in Leah Jay’s adaptable and supportive team environment.

Monique Marsh


Providing exceptional customer service is something Monique is known and awarded for. With almost 15 years of industry experience, she is passionate about property and enjoys the seamless experience she can provide for clients at Leah Jay.  

Claire Lantry


Claire enjoys being a part of the forward-thinking organisation that is Leah Jay. She leads by example, both in the workplace and out, taking responsibility for her actions and showing respect to all clients.

Clare Bruce


Clare is one of the most approachable Property Managers in the industry. Having grown up in Newcastle, Clare has an exceptional knowledge of the area and the local property market, which is invaluable to her clients

Joscelyn Lambert


A seasoned team leader and Property Manager, Joscelyn says she appreciates being part of a professional agency where the owner and tenant experiences matter and where the search to improve those experiences is always ongoing.

Courtney Ross

Courtney Ross

For Courtney, Property Management is not only about managing property but also about managing people and helping those in need. This comes with job satisfaction which gives Courtney the drive to strive for higher achievements.