Andrew isn’t afraid to get in and get his hands dirty, he doesn’t watch from the sidelines, evident from his weekend renovations, managing his own portfolio and fixing problems himself. With a couple of properties under his belt, Andrew now sees and appreciates Leah Jay as specialists in Property Management, that they are extremely competent and the best at what they do. As a hardworking and down to Earth person, Andrew appreciates the competence, diligence, and attention to detail that Leah Jay brings to every aspect of the business.

He was unhappy with property managers before finding Leah Jay, he felt they were not thorough and didn’t do the job properly. Andrew appreciates the level of detail Leah Jay provide, he says he receives “the most thorough reports I’ve ever seen – you should see the number of photos they include! I feel no need to view the properties because I can see every corner in the reports they provide.”

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