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At Leah Jay,  we are committed to providing exceptional experiences for both our clients and property managers. A national study conducted by a leading Property Management Service provider highlights widespread burnout among property managers. Recognising the need for a comprehensive support system to help reduce this within our business, we established the Solutions Panel, a team of dedicated professionals with extensive industry knowledge and experience. This panel serves as a valuable resource, fostering proactive problem-solving, continuous learning, to ensure our property managers are supported and our clients are cared for. 

What is the Solutions Panel?  

  • The panel members have a combined 80+ years industry experience and includes a mix of skillsets across our team. Headed up by our Operations Manager Lesley Rattenbury, each member brings a unique set of skills and knowledge to support our property managers and our clients.
  • The panel provides an accessible channel for clients who have encountered complex issues or require additional support beyond their property manager’s immediate scope. We offer an attentive ear, insightful guidance, and a collaborative approach to finding effective solutions.
  • Behind the scenes, the panel serves as a direct resource to our Property Managers, offering expert guidance, innovative solutions, and ongoing support. This empowers them to navigate complex situations, deliver exceptional client service, and minimise risks for both clients and property owners.
  • The panel’s focus extends beyond reactive solutions. They identify potential issues and areas for improvement within the company and proactively address them through process enhancements, training initiatives, and innovative solutions.

Benefits for Clients: 

  • Clients have the distinct advantage of engaging directly with a team of seasoned experts beyond their property manager. This facilitates effective communication, comprehensive support, and assurance of a dedicated team working towards their best interests.

  • By providing an additional communication channel, the panel strengthens communication between clients and property managers. This ensures concerns are effectively addressed and solutions are implemented promptly and efficiently.

  • The proactive approach of the Solutions Panel helps mitigate potential issues before they escalate to more complex situations. This reduces the likelihood of disputes and legal proceedings, ensuring a positive and productive experience for all parties involved. 

Benefits for Property Managers: 

  • Property managers have the advantage of accessing the expertise and experience of the Solutions Panel. This invaluable resource provides guidance and support in navigating complex situations, enabling them to deliver exceptional service and mitigate potential challenges.

  • The supportive environment fostered by the Solutions Panel helps alleviate stress and prevents burnout among Property Managers. Knowing they have access to a team of experienced professionals provides confidence and empowers them to effectively handle complex situations.

  • The Solutions Panel invests in the professional development of property managers by offering ongoing training opportunities and sharing best practices. This commitment ensures that our team remains at the forefront of the industry, equipped with the latest knowledge and skills to deliver exceptional service consistently. 

The Solutions Panel represents Leah Jay’s unwavering commitment to excellence in client care and property management. We believe in building strong relationships, fostering a collaborative environment, and implementing innovative solutions to ensure a successful and positive experience for everyone involved. 

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