You can never be the odd one out in Mayfield. A little eclectic on the surface, Mayfield is a popular suburb for students and young people.


Mayfield sits on the Hunter River just north of Newcastle. It neighbours Carrington, Tighes Hill and Warabrook and is only five kilometres from the Newcastle CBD with easy access to public transport.


Formerly called North Waratah, Mayfield takes its name from its former owner, Ada May. In the beginning it was a garden suburb but industrialisation in early 1900s transformed it into a working class town. Its location between the Hunter River and the rail line made it attractive to industries that needed to transport goods such as steel and coal.

Today, however, Mayfield is known as a culturally diverse suburb. It still retains many of the mansions and grand houses built in the 1800s, but they now sit among the eye-catching murals and curious statues that are scattered though the area.

Why rent in

Mayfield has seen a revival in recent years as more students move to the area thanks to its proximity to the University of Newcastle. New cafes have sprung up in the area to take advantage of this influx.

The Coliseum is an antiques shop on Mayfield’s main road. Although only opening its doors in 2004, stepping into the Coliseum is like stepping back in time; it’s filled with antique jewellery, retro clothing and curiosities. The main drawcard is the radio wall, filled floor to ceiling with radios from every time period, which are restored by the owner if you take a liking to one.

Mayfield has several primary schools, including Mayfield West PublicMayfield East Public and St Columban’s Primary. It has one high school, San Clemente High, and is also home to the Hunter Christian School, which is a combined primary and secondary school.

Mayfield features a lot of student accommodation but also plenty of family homes.

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Mayfield West Primary School
Mayfield East Primary School
St Columban’s Primary School
San Clemente High School
Hunter Christian School

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Source - Figures relate to the 2016 Census (Code SSC12530) and the Australian Bureau of Statistics: Mayfield - Warabrook Statistical Area 2

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