Tucked away between Wickham, Islington and Tighes Hill is the little suburb of Maryville.

Tucked away between Wickham, Islington and Tighes Hill is the little suburb of Maryville. About four kilometres from Newcastle’s CBD, Maryville is a semi-circle shaped suburb, which has attracted many investors over the years.

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Hannell Street is a busy road running through the eastern side of the suburb and providing easy access into Newcastle. Hamilton train station is nearby, providing trains on the Central Coast and Newcastle Line in addition to the Hunter Line. The Lane and Linwood Street on Throsby Creek is a popular residential spot, home to many units and townhouses. They offer fabulous views of moored yachts and the Newcastle Rowing Club on the opposite side of the channel. This stretch of walkway by the creek also sees hundreds of walkers and runners entering in the Newy Parkrun each Saturday morning.

Maryville has an assortment of industries in the area, with several motor auction houses and sales lots in the northern end and a couple of recreational facilities in the southern end including Revolution Park, which has a large trampolining park, a gymnastic air track, inflatable play section and bubble soccer field.

Tucked away in a warehouse on Downie Street is Baked Uprising, operated by artisan baker, Alice Lees. She began Uprising in 2010 as a humble home-based micro-bakery delivering products to local cafes and restaurants. In December 2013, Baked Uprising moved into its current shopfront space, where you can grab a coffee and watch the team bake a daily selection of breads, pastries, tarts, brioche and pies.

The area’s biggest residential group is young individuals, with people under 35 making up over 45% of the population.

There are no schools in Maryville; however, there are a number in surrounding suburbs, including San Clemente High School at Mayfield and Tighes Hill Public School in Newcastle.

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San Clemente High School
Tighes Hill Public School

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Source - Figures relate to the 2016 Census (Code SSC12518) and the Australian Bureau of Statistics: Wickham - Carrington - Tighes Hill Statistical Area 2

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